The College of Petroleum Processes Engineering is one of the top Petroleum Processes Engineering schools in Iraq, with 336 undergraduate (BSc) students and 401 graduated and appropriate research fund per year. The College of Petroleum Processes Engineering was established in Tikrit University in the year 2010 to be the second college in this field over the country. The establishment of this college is of great importance to the region and its surroundings due to the unique features of this region included a huge oil fields in addition to the largest refining and production of petroleum products facilities. Moreover, the college had gained a full support from the presidency of the Tikrit University and the Ministry of Oil Baiji Northern Oil Refineries. The College of Petroleum Processes Engineering includes two departments: Petroleum and Gas Refining Engineering, which is concerned with processing and refining of petroleum and petroleum products at oil fields and in the down streams processes. The second department is: Petroleum Systems and Control Engineering, which specializes in centralized control operations and oil facility management. The college had started its scientific work by accepting approximately 110 male and female students. We are totally linked to the oil industry in the nearby region and our taught courses are shaped so that students find their positions easily in the oil and gas sectors.

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